What will come after 2014 Fairy tail ?!

Hi, So what will come to Fairy tail 2014? next Saturday is the 50 episode thus the letzte.Müssen we wait two years so that they continue to animate the manga? I ask you. and comes fairy tail also in the German TV? mfg

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What makes you think that the 50th episode is the last? The anime goes on as normal, now after the fillers it goes with the story from the manga on ... whether Fairy Tail will eventually also run on German television, one can not say.

Hei ^^

As far as I know, it goes ^^ After this mini-Arc join the Sunvillage-Arc and then probably Tartarus and these two arcs are probably take far more than 1 year ^^ (1 year includes so only a maximum of 52 episodes)

I hope I at least something could help you and wish you much fun watching;)

Oh, I'm not 100 per sure, but even relatively, because I actually got the information from a very reliable source: D

LG Lilli

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