What will happen to a dog if the owner has to go to a nursing home or even dies?

In the neighborhood an elderly man is first, then come to the hospital to the nursing home. The dog is now unhappy alone on the Mietgrundstück and audibly. The adult children feed alternately, when they first come times a day to fetch things. Neither of them is able to look after the dog. Who has jurisdiction?

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When the elderly man is still mentally full because he is responsible and may determine what happens to the dog.

If the old man no longer mentally be fully there, there is a supervisor and the supervisor is then responsible for and can determine it.

but when you are on the opinion, none cares drum properly, then report it to the vet office. But if you want to report it, ask matter what the company and call a few days later and ask. Thus was often made up anything. Unfortunately, often nothing happens when you do not annoying.

Have one of the children mentioned times on the issue? Might even be a possibility. Opening the at, because that has so no future. They should either give the dog owner or bring to the shelter. bring to the shelter costs money, so many that some will not - but it is not it is possible.

Did you perhaps a way to help? Perhaps to convey him privately? If so, hit the front of the children.

Legally, the owner must take care of a care, later the dog falls into his estate. If no (the heirs) will accept the animal, you can sell the, give away or give to the shelter.

just that the dog is unhappy, but probably due to the absence or then the death of his master who is grieving too.

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Call a your community and can be connected to the Veterinary Office, which describe the situation. The need to take action.

found when the dog is not receiving appropriate conditions, I would call the animal shelter or the shelter, then he probably comes first to the shelter, possibly to sometime. foster care for him ...

The owner is legally responsible. If he can not govern himself his affairs, a supervisor must be used. Vlt. also has one of his children a power of attorney to represent him.

I would bring the animal to the shelter when no one can take care of it properly or wants.

I can say exactly, it does not but if none of the friends agreed to take him, he comes to the shelter

Legally responsible is probably the older gentleman. Since the ex can no longer, but his children who want to or can not. Ask you some games. if you can go for a walk with the animals, or get (unless your parents allow that and her court have) him not to thee. Sad.

Ordnungsamt / Veterinary.

zunächt certainly the children. they must ensure that the dog comes into animal shelter, where they are re-conveyed back kann-- sounds eerily abstract, but it is so and the animals it comes at least good, in terms of supply. often such animals are taught to care for families, because they have a relative person there. a lot of. could you temporarily take over this task, or it possibly quite take to you?

The old man heard the dog - he has to take care of it. For this he is no longer able. Then it depends who has assumed the official care of the old man. The person has to determine what to do with the dog.

For the dog, it would certainly be better if it is brought in a decent shelter, where it is added to the mediation.

If the adult children now have only 1 X day care of the animal, then it is probably not far away with the interest in the dog the old man!

Gets times to the Humane Society and portrays the Poble. Maybe find someone for the dog.

The dog should urgently to the shelter, where he hopefully better owner gets. Assuming that the old man has to stay in the nursing home.

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