What would a Real price for my bike when to sell?

The bicycle is a mountain 26Zoll of the brand Schwinn. It has 21 speeds and full suspension, Shimano gear circuit, accurate I do not know, but the bike and everything is it in good condition.

The best answer

This is a cheap Bocker wheel with outdated technology.

With more than 100 € I would not thereby calculate unless you have just lucky if somebody can be blinded by the traditional name and the "full suspension".

for about 100 euros not used bikes are usually included bought, in my opinion.

Full suspension mhm exactly and so you can of course go really well .. So no big brand and old and not particularly good shimano circuit, otherwise it hätteste yes to written. So I would say not more than 100 €

Ne Sry I would not say more than 50 €

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