what would an important person for you to tell her the doubts in yourself?


I desperately need your advice: / my best friend doubted currently totally on himself because he has to tuen with many personal problems and usually the whole blame is pushed only to him (even if he can not help it: /) he hates almost ... now I've been thinking him to write a text that is it again a little cheer könnte.er a great person and I can not bear to watch longer .. this self-doubt and sadness: / what would a person in such a situation say?

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Just write what qualities do you like about your friend. I have also done this in the way already for a girlfriend. She was very surprised and even can discover positive per se, what they did not anticipate that. This has really helped her.

Mach it simply a lot of compliments, tell him what he can do well and might let you help him in dingen that he can really good luck often :)

if he's as bad as you described it, he should consult a therapist .. I would give him are page and assure him that it is his fault does not care what he did, the most important is yes now you with him in contactless stay, aufmunterst and tell him that you love him and will help him

So I would adjust once a social worker.

Tell him: The more difficult the problems the greater the reward after one has been through it. The fact is that some people put the problems magically, vielleicjt because they have particularly great potential to solve ...

That you have to do with your own words. DU do not know the person, we.

tell him he knows who he is and what he can.

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