What would be the consequences for my love and me?

If I stay with my dear love in the woods. What would be the penalty for my girlfriend and me, a display or a fine?

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Depends on whom belongs the forest, and whether it is a nature reserve. Googel it out for wild camping.

The stay should probably have no consequences as long as you build a tent, make fire, smoke and similar things that you will not do in the forest.

What can happen to you is that a gang boars not so funny place euere presence and ensures that you seek the width. That being said, there are a lot of small animals like bugs and insects that are active at night in the forest.

Have fun anyway.

If you're staying on the public domain in a forest, therefore, who belongs to the city and thus the citizens anyway, rarely there an indication when the police should see you and check it out. They want to make it clear then that everything is in order and their moves on the next morning. That is my experience.

When the forest is one privately someone will stop by the immediately see or morning time after the rake, I think, when he sees a fire at night or so. The might, if he were really upset, but this is not usually the case when one leaves no waste and makes a good impression. I do not know if the must accept that nobody stranger on his property.

Good luck!

If you are 18 and your friend 13 you get trouble. Otherwise it is not an offense.


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