What would I get (sale) for all these games?

I would like some PS3 & sell PS4 games and would like to know how much I could get something like that.

These games I would sell:

  • Knack (ps4) for 15 €
  • Battlefield Hardline (ps4) for 25-20 € (habs only 2 plays!)
  • The Last of Us (ps3) for 15-10 €
  • Dead Space 3 (ps3) for 10-7 €
  • NBA 2k14 (ps3) for 10 €
  • Uncharted 3 (PS3) for 10 €

If we calculate all together I could get between € 85 and € 70. I know also that one where I will sell the games, even games and games can exchange accessories. Do you think I would ca 70 € for all the get or is that too much? I could also exchange 3-4 games for a PS4 controller because mine is broken. I do need money for a PS4 controller and am a little short on cash.

What would you ask her for the Games? - Ps: All games are in Top condition. No scratches etc.

Thank you in advance - LG Phyclo

The best answer

Give that some games at Momox, then you have a clue or compare prices on ebay. Then you can see what would come out.

If you sell on Ebay you have a part to Ebay give the money! In such gaming shops in the city they gamble you normally starting! Is different

I do not think I do if the games are gebrucht have with the price again to go down as Dead Space 3 you get new already for 10 €.

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