What would you because of hold if I asked you meet just for a?

Hey :) I (w14) have moved half a year, have unfortunately only kind known know gelernt..bis now I have no right freunde.bald are vacation and I have no idea what should I do there. Should I just write these cute known and ask for a meeting? If the over is not too intrusive and weird? How would you react?

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Clear just write :)) nothing ventured nothing gained :))

Write to ; ) And if not lad me yet; )

If you are not dressed slutty it would normally ^^

Of course you can simply ask for a meeting! Pick among the "cute friend" simply the nicest and most open out and ask them if they want to do what with you. they can not say no more than, and I'm also pretty sure they will be satisfied if you also give yourself open and nice.

Nonsense, they write it on!

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