What would you do? He is mega important to me

I find a boy from my class parallel well. We have eig always well understood ... He had asked me once for my mobile number. I saw him once a week or 2 week times written, at school he always made me smile at once. And he wrote back immediately whatsoever. Last week I just learned from a friend that he has supposedly written by my friend of a friend that I pester him. The girlfriend and I we hate. Of course I have the Boys then written once and he said that it is true now and then. He wanted me to say anything until and wanted to know from whom I learned that, I told him if he answers then I tell him but I did it then but not said, and now he's pissed because I promised it to him. He has it addressed my friend and he thought it a friend of his told me and then said it full of Bastar * would be the friend of his and we would have no more contact now. In school, we ignore us because he wants to know by whom I know and he always looks in secret to me. What should I do? Mir that hurts because we always well understood us :(

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Kid stuff. He has surely the right to find someone annoying. Once you mitkriegt the, just stop writing and stop trying to find out behind your back stuff.

If it is so important to you, then he has the right to have their STYLES each time. So so directly and not through annoying "friends" and even the most annoying "communication systems". Can you do that still going?

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