What would you do if you could go back only once in the time?

What you could do anything if you had a time machine. But it has determined many effects, if you change things in future future or past. But you could change positive or negative. What would you do if you only

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I would not change anything (except that I Lotto course I win Egoist) on otherwise and I would but not change much watching as like the pyramids at the time when they were new looked what was going on in Germany when they were 1954 world champion, as on in Berlin day the Berlin wall was that happened in Washington was approved as the 13th Amendment as it was to listen to a speech by Lincoln, what a feeling it would be Beethoven to experience live and as the day I was born expired

YOU CAN NOT TRAVEL IN THE PAST! However, it is likely that you can iwann time travel into the future. But scientifically speaking, you can see the currently not turn back.

I would go back as far the cokes instead my name is on the bottle, and I'd be very very rich :)

Until Friday traveling back and then play the lottery :-)

20. Paris and before it becomes critical, back.

I would travel to the 1910 year and the German government plans of modern weapons bring

and then we would win the 1st wk, and the whole world would have only benefits them

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