What you believe in the myth Another brick in the wall?

Hello everybody

You can hear this song the first time in the children's choir: Get him get him the roof.

What do you think of it?



it may be so?

The best answer

As mentioned by 7vitamine, that's Agathe Bauer phenomenon. There are interpreted into songs things that are sometimes totally harebrained. Be it of sensation horny journalists or religious fanatics. Especially the latter see everywhere the devil. Why? Because they want it.

It is a Agathe Bauer phenomenon, you can hear what you want to hear or similar sounds.

Had brought nothing, who knows whether such a thing out listening .. that has only recently so that one more pays attention to the type.

peep here http: //www.songtexte.com/songtext/pink-floyd/another-brick-in-the-wall-part-2-2b ...

So did I never get heard anything other than what is sung in English. And no, it definitely does not sound like a German sentence. Whether the myth is there any truth, I do not really care for me anyway only son sick crap.

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