What you can train at home?

Hi I want to work at home. Does anyone know what can be done? :-)

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Pushups (possibly handstand), situps, Planks, Side pushups or planks, PikePushups ...

If you have pull-up bar there also many ways: D

Are many possibilities: D Look at Youtube by calisthenics or Freeletics

Either with appliances (dumbbell, etc.) Or housework like washing windows (not using Stühpe but stretch so are many muscles are used), water tanks bear (do not take and hang in the hand can but muscle use) scrape car windows in the winter, the taboo subject of sex also helps Good ;)

Without equipment you can do something in the field of fitness. Weight training goes well with pushup and Co.

Hab's a good app is called "daily training free". Is the Google play Store and the appstore :)

By your own body gewichr you can achieve a lot

carry water box

Yoga or so

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