What you have to tuhen everything for a dog if you want to set a?

What should I tuhen everything for a dog and do?

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seek advice first should you remember what breed to fit you (eg dog training or dog club). Then you should for you to clarify whether in your house / your house the attitude is allowed. Does your dog every day for several hours (more than 6) to be alone, then let it remain. Is it near your residence enough space for trouble free running, even if the dog is one probably not super hear? Will you meet you a puppy or an adult dog better (here the housebreaking would one probably easier). If you have to get a dog, then please with all the papers and, where possible from a reputable breeder who is registered in a corresponding dog club. Here does a dog likes to € 1000 (there are chip, vaccination certificate and all relevant studies of the first 8 weeks made). Did you people support in your environment, you? Because what happens when you get sick? In addition to taxes, the insurance and the veterinarian should you as a beginner also essential from the outset in the dog school. For this purpose you should also take minutes. 3 weeks taking time (holiday) in order to accustom the dog to his new environment. The equipment is incidentally also not cheap. And always remember: Most races accompany you at least 13 years, what are you doing in these 13 years? Dare you look at the care of an old dog to?

You need money. And depending on what you have for a race you know you need a lot of money. Speaking from experience, because I have an 8-month-old EB. Nerves of steel are definitely beneficial. In the first phase (puppies) you would need more time and reap for little sleep. You have every hour out with the little ones, whether you want to or not. Pipi and heap odometer. In the first few months compared to a baby. Lg

You need a good income, a lot of time for your dog and should look at best a book about dogs for sale.

Dogs are so time-consuming as children.

What should I tuhen everything for a dog and do?

a dog you can only specify if you are of legal age.

For dog ownership you need a lot of time and of course dog ownership is not cheap!


dog license fee


Hundepension (holiday period)

dog school


Veterinarian (can sometimes cost up to 2000 EUR, z. B. OP in an accident or illness of the dog)

etc ...

the ales to be paid.

Buy yourself books on dog ownership and education. Then you're a lot smarter!

must tuhen you anything, do more than

You have to inform yourself in detail.

If you get yourself a dog, you should be sure that you have enough time and desire for it. The vaccination card you get from the vet. Reporting your dog at the Town Hall of your city. If you want to take out liability insurance for your dog, which is VERY important, the monthly costs about 60 euros, but it depends what city you live. ;) You have the dog first to vet, vaccinated and chipped it blank if the breeder has not yet done so. animal doctor advised Do not let the opposite what you should vaccinate your dog and when the next impfterim is. Everything else will you be well known, right? ;) Feeding, go walkies, dog school, etc.

hundeschule compulsory course

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