What you need to assistant dog trainer / in to be (training etc)

Hello, I would like to learn a profession later. In just want to know what degree, education, ect you need. thank you in advance

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Hi for the training you need in the first place money and good luck .... There are private schools offer a such a course, so already costs a pile of ashes and in itself is no education, but an additional qualification for a dog trainer ... and dog trainer can be any name ...

In Vista Dogs training for dog trainers costs with the additional qualification eg € 10,680 ..... http://www.vistadogs.de/hundetrainerschule/kosten-der-ausbildung

Recognized this training in Germany is not, therefore, this process is still at its own expense .... a curriculum there is not ...

Would you recommend first to learn a normal profession to make money and then to make the training side as a hobby)

This is certainly a very nice job, but you should first think of a Ausbildiung, the later your livelihood secure yourself.

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