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Hello, as you may know, are locked all Whatsapp Plus users with Whatsapp for a day. This also includes ich.Nun I've already waited 24 but when the timer at 2h 30m, it resets to 3h and over again. What can I do?

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Here you can do because Whats App Plus not only has a 24 hour lock but the operation all set due to an omission on the part of the application WhatsApp nothing.
More information about visit: http: //www.shz.de/nachrichten/deutschland-welt/netzwelt/nach-unterlassungsklage -...

Greetings FD

Install Main WhatsApp! WhatsApp + will probably adjust its service. Whether it stays that way, you have to wait.

After all, WhatsApp has + already once changed hands. The current owner stomps the project now at least as can be read on Google+.

http: //www.golem.de/news/instant-messenger-whatsapp-plus-muss-schliessen-1501-11 ...

Whatsapp Plus is illegal. With the possession of the hack are you doing offense you, so how about removing it?

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