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Hey people, I have quarreled with my boyfriend and then sent him a message. Then I deleted them from frustration. So far, he has not written back and because the message is gone, I see the gray / blue no longer hook. Then I whatsapp uninstalled and reinstalled, because I have read that characterized the messages that have been deleted can be restored. Problem: All news of today are just gone, so also (logically) the other of the chats. Housed has me thus nothing but problems. Now my question: Is there a possibility that I can make the data / messages of today in any way again? It would be super important to read through again use the chat and to see if he has seen it!

Best wishes and a nice evening, C

The best answer

No the possibility does not exist. Only the data to be restored from the latest backup and Whatsapp can automatically back up every morning at 04: 00h.


Date: 2019-06-30 Views: 0

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