WhatsApp SIM card of e Plus - has anyone experience with it?

Hi :) The question is pretty much up. I may just do not have internet on my phone, but all have just Whatsapp and now I saw that just e Plus Extra sold sim cards where just WhatsApp goes and the rest did not. Have me then read through undso but'm apparently too stupid for it: D maybe Does anyone have that experience already made and can tell me how it works with costs, etc.? Would be really great! Thank you in advance!


PS: Here is the link to one probably. helps so on;) http://www.eplus.de/whatsapp/Tarif#WhatsApp-SIM-Tarif

The best answer

The Internet visit Whatsapp page is always for this WhatsApp prepaid card for free (accessible even without credit). Only when visiting other websites, as well as for calls and SMS Sent involve costs. The prepaid card must always every 6 months are charged with credit, otherwise it expires.

I did not have any experience with it, but this 1000MB're wiegesagt on WhatsApp. So you can use the mobile data on WhatsApp, with other things, it will cost.

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