When a case is only nice if we pleased this? :-)

,, Are the beautiful things beautiful because they please us? Or they rejoice because they are beautiful? "So seems to me only the former coherent and meaningful. I wrote that reviews are based on emotions. For how else could you measure beauty, if not on the case felt emotions? In my opinion, can be something only see as beautiful, if a this thing (person, object, event, etc,) pleased. I can think of only examples to the first question one, the second is pointless for me, because who determines what beautiful and which is not beautiful? ,, Beauty "is so subjective, so everyone can individually decide what he / she finds beautiful and to evaluate this, you need your feelings, right? Example: The smile of a loved one. It pleases us that this person is smiling because we like this very well and myself are happy when it is. Accordingly, this event is nice because it pleases us! What do you all mean? Can you think of examples a to the second question? Thanks in advance :-) Hopefully, the one or more other help me :-)

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I think (am not sure) that things are only nice if the act to us positively or do not suffer for us. But your theory of emotions are right!

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