When baking pretzels I have problems

Bake Hello, questions about pretzels itself. So I bake my pretzels itself and they are delicious, but I have two problems. First, how do you do that remained pretzels round so I did not mean the pretzel shape but the whole pretzels. And secondly, how do you do the pretzels not stick? I have been on baking sheet, parchment paper, wax paper with oil (here were my pretzels then very soaked) attempts. They are always glued or soaked or as in the baking foil stuck to the pretzel the film. Who gives advice?

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Hello princessinlila,

Congratulations, again someone more, the dedicated to the DIY baking pretzels.

Is 10 times sweeter than the United Bakers and not particularly difficult. I bake my Laugenteilchen, rolls and pretzels in convection oven at 180-185 ° C at the Normal baking tray with baking foil normal, nothing sticks. However, I shape the jaw pieces and let it rise about 1-2 hours before I dip them in the water.

The then get a firm skin. I use sodium hydroxide 4% strength, which I make myself from Natronperlen itself. If the baking time is greater than 20 minutes, bake at nothing more. The pretzels and awakening can be immediately after baking easily detached from the film (slow). Caution hot!

Good luck moebelfreak

Your pretzels look super yummy .. Have you ever tried it on the grate to Bachken? underneath with baking paper?

The pretzels before lye application shortly do in the freezer so that they are firmly and keep the shape. YEAR ferment and bake in the liquor and then on a tray with baking paper, then they should not stick. And have you forgotten the pretzel knots

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