When bubbles at the bottom blank or cut alone?

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If anything, one stands on a previously heated needle. I would just stick it blister and put on comfortable shoes. Compeed blister plasters can I find the best.

http: //www.compeed.de/de/blasenpflaster-von-compeed.html gclid = CIjX2paK9cQCFevIt ...

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I would gently pierce the bubble with a needle and squeeze the liquid gently. This relieves pain and heals my opinion faster. Possibly even make a plaster on it.

In no case, however, remove the skin, because there is burning properly.

Any doctor or physician, or will tell you: Do not cut Bloss. Have I never held it and I also never happened. Heat to a needle and stitch the thing! The sooner the liquid is out, the sooner begins the healing process.

puncture with a needle and let out liquid

I got my bubbles always cut with scissors disinfected, so that the liquid could come out, then disinfected carefully and a plaster over it. I still live. ^^

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