When did you start to smoke and smokes her still?

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No, but I see many who do it just because their friends smoke so it is like a chain, the more widespread, I think it's bad, it's bad to buy his death.

I started with the end 11 to smoke and smoke even until today. currently so ziwschen 3-5 packs a day and did not even stop in front of it. I smoke like and would begin again. the sooner the better = D

how old are you now?

I started 5 weeks before and do it still and I'm 14: /

I am Non smoking and see indeed should not have smoking what meaning and benefits. It is harmful and costs money that could be just as well burn the same.

Fang best to never

Please never start smoking. Man is depressed, you pay money to a company so that you get cancer and die younger.

Not if you and what's up to you, then you should not start well.

Too expensive, pollutes the lungs and it looks old.

I started with 14, but do not smoke more ... Smoking is sch **** do not start with it: D

With end 12 beginning 13 started and jz I smoke still (like).

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