When dog neutered

I got to talk a 1 year old two weeks ago and wanted to ask when the dog is able to be neutered because it's now au everything new for him

The best answer

Why do you want to castrate the dog?

I have two un-neutered males are neither in the hair get even whine when females are in heat is in the neighborhood. So you can live well with a non-castrated males.

Generally, a dog should be an adult. So at least two years, large breeds even more three years old.

Actually should not castrate you - only for medical reasons, so for example, testicular cancer, etc.

Why do you want him for neutered? Because others have done? Because it have advised the vet or friends? Because you think then the dog is easier to Erziehnung?

All Quark. Castration does not replace the Erziehnung. It may give some that are easier because they are not as prollig. But there are some where it will after Kastra difficult because for example an insecure dog is even more uncertain than before. Some dogs smell Kastra like a bitch for other males and that can be very problematic. In addition, the Kastra has many disadvantages, such as for example often thyroid problems, the risk of bone cancer is greatly increased etc,

It happens to be a very large engagement in the hormone system. You take him all the male hormones and unfortunately that often lead to health problems and the development is disturbed

Why is the Kastra been banned in humans? Precisely for these reasons - it's actually a torture.

If you still castrated - always only after the dog has grown, D. h depending on the breed earlier than 2 years -. For some would be better with 3 years. When neutered before, the dog will not grow. This may sound great for some - but is simply cruelty to animals. And it's health worse.

Veterinarians recommend Kastra happy because they earn good money first - often precisely because of eg thyroid problems and secondly because veterinarians usually do not have much idea of ​​behavior of a dog also retrospectively.

No matter how you decide - please let the dog once arrive with you, build trust, build a relationship. Wait and see how he develops. And that you do not see in 2-3 weeks but only in a few months. Especially with a dog second hand takes the Entwcklung until he shows how he is often longer. If you have problems in education or simply be prollig, then please do not castrate the same, but go to dog school - it is always on people. And as I said, the Kastra no substitute for education.

to not have the same discussion having to perform:


He has grown sein..körperlich and mentally .... just growing up. Then the wenuigsten are followed to fear.

In a Frühkastrastion it may happen that the dog in the current development phase coming stuck and you've NEN eternal adolescent Kasper then.

In bitches survived at least the first heat, in males through puberty is its minimum

A few more notes:

Castration does not replace education.

Castration is only permitted for medical reasons (eg ne uterine infection that is not available in the handle) and forget all enemies: for prevention of an unexpected increase (although that provides uirgendwie an indictment of the holder from when he mussd admit he is not in the catching position dog - but better than unwanted puppies it is always).

Let him arrive first. Then you talk to your vet about it and will be able to tell you exact respect. Meaningfulness, need and times.

A dog is neutered only if there are medical reasons (illness) for it, or keeping a castrated dog in the same household, only one should then generally reconsider the acquisition of an intact male dog that is really within the meaning of the beast?

Best not, if it does not have to. a Kastation always cons and not only advantages.

Then the dog should grow up before touches on him. Depending on the breed 2-3 years some even only 3.5.

It's best to give him once a few weeks time to get settled. Then berate yourself with your veterinarian.

WHY in devil's name every New dog owners think of anything better than to inquire for castration immediately after the earliest date ???

Why you buy you healthy dogs if you want to have them mutilated as soon as possible?

now I do not start again from the (Un) lawfulness under the German Animal Protection Act of ...

But slowly really enough there but ...

If there is no medical reason for the procedure, the dog let it peacefully and live in joy ...

Castration can never replace EDUCATION!

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