When I need a (orange) Dangerous Goods Panel and when a Label?

Question is above. Topic dangerous in the road transport

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You need the open panels including supporting documents such as the delivery note or CMR and the written instructions if you have transported Gut more than 1000 points in the table has.

In the table you can see the dangerous classes bzw.manche UN numbers divided into packing groups look. It can read the points and possibly multipliers and so calculate the points scored.

Link to the table:


There are also various special provisions, such as the transportation of car batteries. This is regulated that car batteries are not covered by the Kennzeichnungsplicht when transported under certain conditions. For example, not covered in bulk polar caps, secured cargoes in cargo by VDI2700ff, batteries not the broken housing, etc ... This is the case of car batteries, special provision 598 ADR.

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