When running on "Super RTL" again anime movies?

You know when again anime movies like "Spirited Away," "My Neighbor Totoro" and "Princess Mononoke" running on Super RTL? Or other channels. And what site I can see that?

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Not directly related to your question, but I would suggest 7 per maxx as transmitters besides still :) June and I mean even in July went for example Neon Genesis evangelion * 3 movies * Has let my heart beat again * - *

Is probably always changes, I would have not thought of the show still on Friday the films. were beautiful as always the films of Ghibli.

This Friday, 04.09.2015 at 20:15, running on Super RTL again an anime film "Haruka and the Magic Mirror" Unfortunately, I know not where you can watch the by> - <

On ProSieben Maxx you can watch also animes

The one can not see the Internet

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