When should I for an apprenticeship manifolds

I am in the 9th grade and wanted to ask when I should strive for an apprenticeship? Some say before the summer holidays.

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Depends on. In general, applying the certificate of 9th grade, which is obtained before the summer holidays.

For me then, some have directly so advertised in the summer holidays, others have waited until October to December .. and also I have my "only" in December 2006 for apprenticeships and secondary schools for training beginning 1.9.2007 or 2007-2008 school year advertised. In March 2007, I received from schools and places communication, the training place which I then competed I said in March of 2007.

There are tlw. Apprenticeships also exchanges of the regional Chamber of Commerce ... but as said my civics teacher at that time? "The cream pieces are there no longer there";)

Would like to apply as soon as a position is advertised, which would appeal to you. This can be in August or in December .. just as it is advertised.

Good luck & all the best :)

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There you seeking a training place in the area that you want, in your area. In the results you can see when the start of training would be. Especially big companies usually begin a year before completion of the application procedure. So this summer for 2016. The longer you wait, the fewer choices you have.

As quickly as possible. You can not start early enough. Usually, the companies are looking for well in advance by the trainees. Some likely already the application phase to be completed. You must indeed expect that you collect money cancellations, so send out a lot of applications. Good luck LG

It is useful to businesses rauszusuchen where you like would make your training and anfragst for an internship in advance. Then you can do in different factories and internships reinschnuppern times.

The internship has many benefits- the one you get to know the operation, and the operation in thee. Secondly, you get an insight into the profession itself and can dan much better decide whether you want to do well jahrelang- or your whole life long the.

Enquire also about training opportunities, improve employment prospects and also the merit that.

If you land on a holding where everything fits, you can have the application later Marathon may even save money because you is the training place already secure.

Otherwise you normally competes with the semi-annual testimony before the graduation.

The sooner the better. However, should there not be more than 2 years forward, because as growers can not plan properly you too.

A good approach is always apply in the previous year for the following year. There are exceptions but also here.

The training would start 9/15? Then right now, something can not be right early enough.

I would say, NOT LATER THAN October / November of the previous year. Of course you can do it earlier also, later would only be recommended if you look - like me - short umentscheidet. However, one must then expect that some companies have already completed their planning.

So I would advise you to start with the applications during the summer holidays in peace - resume, photo, list of possible companies etc.

Are you going from ninth grade, then from July or even from now. Are you going from tenth grade, then early next year at the latest (varies by company size and needs)

Can ever begin. But as far as I know, is applying it to the latest semi-annual testimony before the final certificate.

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