When should you report violence?


Today at school happened to me that a boy went after me. So he held me and pushed me to the ground. As you can imagine, that was not really pleasant for me. And as rather weak girl I could not make much of it.

I wonder now whether I should report something?

Because I can prove nothing, and I've gotten no injuries.

At what point should we as a report violence at all? And where? Police? Directorate?

And to bring that too what?

The best answer

Experiment blue stains or photograph prospecting and Dan to the teacher or director if that would not help civil suit submit

Of course you should report violence of any kind. Even if they do not get the type of did this to turn it shows at least that you would not tolerierst violence. Always Consistent.

Ehh wait times a BOY has aufjedefall pressed you as GIRL on the floor to the school management what a ........

Go to Teacher nem

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