When the list dog laws in Germany are finally abolished ?!

I'm just very angry and frustrated because I with my 14 years in principle, nothing can help ensure that these laws are ill stop once! How can it be that there are laws that state that certain breeds are dangerous, although this is yet disproved clearly scientifically? Why is racism not tolerated in humans and in dogs already? Perhaps I can have anyone of you tell whether there already anything with regard to the abolition of the laws is going on? Soon I will keep in my class a lecture on this subject, but some classmates have such an extreme and entrenched aversion to dogs list that I believe is nothing left to save. Something makes me very, very angry. I hope you can help me.

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I think it's great that you'd bring you happy when it comes, finally to see the current list pet again as normal dogs ...

Attack dogs in Germany there is not - that is these dogs list; but who has created the lists? The idea was liberated people whose daily consumption literature a cheap leaflets with four letters count and so, of course, oh politicians with fear for votes.

The 'pit bull hysteria "was then repeatedly stoked with Beißunfällen ...

The DSH and many mixed breed dogs with very healthy teeth were in nonsensical Beißstatistiken quite high - and? What happened? NOTHING AT ALL !!!

For me, such a list Dog Laws and regulations are wrong!

The bad end of the line has mostly only two legs !!!

Intelligence and reason is not a prerequisite to become a politician. And these people, which their reelection only important thing (and these are the most) have now Malö say. And there will quickly resorted to altbewäghrtem: here rattlists.

Each person with brain is clear that never iost a breed evil or bad, there are always some individuals. That's what we should have learned from the rattlists the 3rd Reich (and what have learned all except tabloids, politicians and Co). In the case of dogs added the evil Induvidien definitely of people were made to the (either through matings with large agressionspotential, whether by let's say wrong attitude).

From a Beisstatuistik I've read:

  • solved Beisvorfälle ca 7500
  • of German Shepherd ca 4000
  • of "fighting dog breeds" ca 350
  • it Kleinhunde ca 2500 (additive: presumably the rate here is nioch higher because not everyone displays a Kleinhundbeissvorfall)

Lower Saxony has made mnen beginning: each of the newly anschafftz a dog and never had a b rauicht ne exam and must do with dog ne examination. Leide may dabnach the "we've always had dogs," people hold further humnd (though have learned nothing asie dog ownership in 30 Jahreen. But it's a start.

Hi this is so very simple. Have the time nor experienced before the law, it was also precisely at a time when I helped a lot at the shelter. Before the laws Staffs and Co came in that you really could only redeem, they were so tortured and tormented, they have bitten only in the kennel grids have until they themselves bitten bloody and that really broke up the teeth. It was no longer turn to these dogs. Another part of the came, consisted of breeding females long sat her life only in the basement or kennel and had a litter after the other. The udders were inflamed and they were not soizialsiert so they wanted it to go on everything. Then dogs came seized and have really participated in dog fights, which we had to sleep by half because the injuries were too great. The other part was a long time unadoptable because they looked too dismembered cruel because missing ears, the body was übersäät scar ... parts of the snout were missing because they were out bitten. Then came the dogs probably not yet looked the holders dangerous enough, which were cut off in full consciousness with a hedge trimmer, the ears and tail.

Since the dogs were not well on leash by Tierquuäler as a holder, even dogs came in with leather collars that were inside it, equipped with nails, 2 dogs, we had to remove surgically.

Everyone who swears only on the law of the state have not seen before !! The law at the end now less protected the man, but the dog, which was exploited in most rotten by some people as soulless weapon and toys.

Those were the images I will personally never forget :( because it was too cruel and today I verpüre many people still hate !!

I think the law must remain, however, they should be changed so that it reflects reality. Thus man should be named as the aggressor there and not the dog. And the law should be changed so that it the dog generally protects against holders who have nothing good in mind. And I think it should be a law which is fully applied in the federal government and is not determinable communal and it should be the same for all. So you can practice animal welfare and human protection at the same time ....

In one province (northwest believe) the list has now been abolished. I hope more will follow.

However, the laws were tightened in the state at the same time.

In Lower Saxony, there is no "list" more.

The breed-specific legislation based on a joint decision by Parliament of the groups of the CDU, the SPD, Greens and FDP from 2011 and has a lot of praise from scientists but also get from Hundehalter- and animal welfare groups. Because it comes in especially in the training of the holder and waives flat rattlists.

Dogs Act NDS: http: //www.ml.niedersachsen.de/portal/live.php navigation_id = 1810 & article_id ...?

Probably never.

Because it is easier and cheaper to prohibit certain animals or its attitude or culture than to force every dog ​​owner a psychological and physical test.

If there were more people who think about these remarks carefully: http: //tmp.tierschutzverein-freiburg.de/informationen/listenhunde/rede-des-veter ...

I have even a list dog, who passed the character test! Nevertheless, I must with my dog ​​be muzzled, and linen which must not be longer than 1m go out! That these dogs must wear a muzzle has sometimes a reason .... If one does not list dog bite, he leaves after the first bite rid of the victim, and then bites again (which usually happens in a row) but if a dog lists times have bitten, then makes this only the victims from when the dog threatens no danger! If you then attempt to open the dog bite the lists to free the victim, happened exactly what you wanted to avoid the dog bites then doller, because for him the danger is not yet over.

I have found what you are looking for!

Schleswig-Holstein abolishes the race list to 2016th


I think little by other federal states will follow. It is only a matter of time. * Further recherchier *

It would be very desirable if it would finally happen, especially since the German Shepherd is No. 1 on the most Beissunfälle and because Polizeihundlobbie-will not appear on the list. Eh already idiotic! In USA he is No. 1 on the most dangerous breeds ..... As you can already see how crazy is German democracy towards dogs ....

The list will not be abolished in the next few years for the time being, rather exacerbated! What I also think is good!

In general, these laws are not the ultimate wisdom but always better than no regulation.

The alternative would be a double yellow line for dogs (under 25 years age of the holder) and an aptitude test each owner, a Ausführverbot not expert, tested and certified holder and an accurate, comprehensive verification required of each holder for compliance with all regulations.

Different races have now times - that is, where biological - a different ability to do harm.

Far too many kiddies must now deal with potentially dangerous dogs - this belongs first abolished.

If You have upset about regulations you have to propose better arrangements - not polemically but factually.

Above all you have to prove is (14 years old) is not ensured at you quite sure in the next 10 years a RIPE.

Although the relatively rare individual cases to deal with minors well-behaved dogs, restrictive legislation is better than none.

Make constructive suggestions rather than complain about.

That should objectify your teaching post and qualitatively improve.

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