WHEN TO A CONCERT drive off?

Hi I live in Bad Nauheim and driving on a Ariana Grande concert in Cologne and have a stand-up, to Cologne I drive an hour and 44 minutes, the concert starts at 19:00 on when I have to pull out to the front row to stand???

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I do not know how committed are their fans. When Linkin Park you have the very latest in the early afternoon to be there to get in the first row or have premature intake.

But I do not think it will be the lady to be there around 15:00 should be enough, depending on when the intake is (I'd bet on 18:00?).

And alone early arrival is not a guarantee. who after admission even to the loo or to the wardrobe or what beverage goes instead of running like an idiot of themselves to blame: D

there had to set off really early :) I'm usually already half an hour before intake as

I would be at least 1.5 hours before the concert there. Say ... you should pull out by approximately 15:30

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