When touching letterbox I always get a kick

I work as a delivery person, and every time I come into contact a mailbox, I get a (electric) shock. Especially when it's warmer, it gets worse. It also does not matter what I'm wearing for clothes. What can you do about it? Does anyone have the same experience?

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Good against these Reinungselektrizität would be a suit of metal. For example, such a, to bear the fencer. But it must also be connected as in the cars in the '70s, a senior grounding belt so. This must constantly rub against the ground.

-> When touching letterbox I always get a kick

You have problems with the clothes or shoes. I do not think any mailbox is supplied with power). Please go to different shoes / cotton clothing instead of plastic. Otherwise, it will help you where to complain to work at the post office, is in the long run also determined not conducive to health.

Definitely electrostatic charging. The approach with the shoes is not bad. Finally, friction is also available there. If it was not you have to keep looking at the direction

LG Niklas

Record z. B. a key in his hand and touch so short the mailbox, then you can handle it yourself.

My tip Antistatic gloves !!!


Friction of clothing prevents charging solution cumbersome. Other Shoes prevent you stay charged you in the next metal case reach. But it's random isolate what shoes and what not. Antistatic work shoes might help who unfortunately often a steel cap in it because the are made for industrial workers and not offered. would help the key trick because the charge between keys and metal box found the transition and but constantly carry around the spark not painful zwischden finger and a key metal and other people scratch mailbox is also cumbersome. Stay only Antistatic gloves in theory this should work but I have not tested it but it is the best solution which einfällt.wenn me you should try it, I'd appreciate feedback. Good luck

then have a rubber sole of your shoes

Antistatic shoes so that your cargo is already built when running from.

Or you draw a copper brush to unload after you ......

Other footwear, the sole recharge.

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