When will my dog ​​in heat?

My dog ​​is now 2 1/2 and scored with 2 their first puppy at 5:12:14! My question now is when will the next heat ... Will not they will be covered again! And actually I know the so 6 months after the last heat and 4 months after the last puppy .. But now comes nothing and I do my son little worried ..

thanks for your help

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In a bitch you realize quite well, as their genitals swell. If that is the case, then it is or it is already in heat

if you do have to worry about his dog one -geht to tiearzt ...

the pauses between the oestrous cycles are usually 6-9 months. after your bitch has until december -can it so take ne now until reestablished a normal rythm.

I hope you are now ready informs you that you over the days lost your bitch and signs of heat enough bescheid know and protect mating better in front of a can!

So it's not about me that I do not want to take care: D then I would have bought not a dog;) ^^ Thanks for the answers! :)

Please ask your vet; he can make the appropriate blood tests.

And if it fits then, let neuter your dog!

If you so everything related to the heat so annoying ... And yes you also have no desire reasonable care of your dog ...

(and now has a hinge yet rare, which is otherwise quite against castration ... - especially since only again a biped is too lazy to watch !!!)

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