When will my dog ​​may stairs to ascend and descend? :)

Hello :) My dog ​​is 5 months old, and is a shih tzu. I wear it always up and down, although he would prefer to ascend the stairs alone sometimes he runs before and goes high to 1-2treooen I'm catching him .. I wear it .. because it really protects the bone But when can he independently the stairs run up and down?

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As long as the staircase is not higher than the leg length, I would say from one year on ... a Shih Tzu is really cute, but I hope you have someone who can not stumble over his own head of hair :)

if he does not run, but will be kept on a leash, he must rise from the outset stairs, if you do not need ten times a day in the 5th floor. smile. it is an outdated opinion, dogs should not climb gradually how to build their muscles to the? race is not so good, that can give suggestions, but do not harm. I had my shepherd dog not to wear in the 2nd floor, which was as 4 months old dog too heavy. people with the smallest dogs tend their dog quickly once lift and yes, a mini mini-dog has perhaps even more effortless to climb gradually, as I know myself now not look.

I have a Spitz -Dackel who is now 12 years old. Which I still wear. Small dogs should always carry the stairs, otherwise you have it with his back.

Dogs should actually rise as little stairs, no matter how old they are.

How many stairs would he have to run every day? Our former Dachshund could run even after one year. She was then already grown.

But when can he the stairs run up and down independently?

if not too many steps, z. B. are up in the 2nd od. 3rd floor, from then when fully grown, about 1 year old is!

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