When will my puppy sexually mature?

Dear dog lover, I have two young dachshund, a girl and a dog. She is one week older than him and now 23 weeks old. Slowly she is adolescent, she changed almost all the teeth and is now also available at some point the first heat to where it needs to be naturally separated from her male roommate. Since it is always in his company, they will probably be quite early applicable. When can I expect that they will be in heat and when will the dog be sexually mature? Thank you for your answers!

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When can I expect that they will be in heat and when will the dog be sexually mature?

which is quite different, just like us humans also. Most females are 6 months for the first time on heat, others only od 8. 9 months and males also be interested in even earlier for hot girls. I am aware of one case where a 7 months old dog a bitch successfully! has covered.

If the dog is in heat, both of which must be strictly kept spatially separated. And good nerves you should also have the dog will make quite a bit of ruckus and use every opportunity to reach his goal!

Since it is always in his company, they will probably be quite early applicable.

How did you get to this presumption ???

and when will the dog be sexually mature?

You can assume that around half years Dachshund dog can quite successfully cover the bitch ...

But why do you ask us? You want so hopefully not get under Upps Toss Dog propagators ... - so you should observe very well both young dogs ... Let yourself even when advised veterinarian ... And then take care to talk about a very good care place for one of them during the heat of your dog.


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