When will the "Solve method" applied? functions

I have time for in the school (11th grade) in math the theme functions. Now we have Verhfarhen as example. Horner scheme, substitution method, factoring met. Then there are procedures the Solve. When can I apply?

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That is probably here only that You can use the TR for releasing (any any) equation and the equation does not have to solve "by hand" (elemtaralgebraisch).

In principle you could with your calculator equations partly also in graphics mode solve (blank).


if you want to calculate with the "solve" method of the calculator zeros, you just have to put zero and then solve for x, the function equation. The whole thing would look like this:

"Solve (f (x) = 0, x)"

To calculate extreme points, you have to set equal to zero, re-dissolve by x and then use the result (x-coordinate) in the function equation to calculate the exact point the first derivative.

For turning points or -points you verfährst exactly with the second derivative.

Best regards! :)


PS: This procedure should actually always work ... Except, of course, you make a typo or there is no zero, extreme or turnarounds! ;-)

Neither Wiki nor Google provide me a result to "Solve method". Are you sure you do not confuse something? "Solve" is indeed translated simply "solve".

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