Where can an investor or private capital for interesantes, worthwhile project.


as it is already in the title, I'm looking for one or more investors, like private, have already found some on the internet, however, probably much frivolous and hence my question here, if anyone knows a reputable platform.

Banks from waving because no securities may be offered.

It is an international company be established, which does yield profit after a short time. Minimum capital requirements are 100,000 Euro + 10.000 Euro Reserve, better would be more ideal 250,000 for a big start.

Thank you very much. Uwe

The best answer

If it is a crunchy thing typical thing for equity crowdfunding, or a mixture of equity crowdfunding crowdfunding UDN.

But the platforms are overwhelmed with projects. Companisto z. B. decreases only to about 2%.

So your preparation must already be really good.

Turning yourself to people as an example:


Kickstarter. € 250,000 for a company, incidentally, very little. I'm curious, what do you want to build it.

Thank you, the idea with the equity crowdfunding I am not yet come.

The initial plan is a commercial vehicle rental (long term rental) in Africa in used but good cars here. There are also goods which are brought with the vehicles there.

Later we shall have property.

Secure contacts (close family) are available on site.

Greetings Uwe

auxmoney.com is also a possibility

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