Where can I find a sheet of various stocks?

Where does it say for example, have invested into which they in recent years etc. (Facts and Figures)

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Shares are shares in a company. So something like Siemens, German bank or Apple.

And where they invest there due to various sources such as annual reports, publications and there is about business numbers the various sites gather about profit, loss, etc. Information about the company's situation. Here eg finance at Yahoo information about the BMW stock.


Funds are "money pots" that invest in stocks (and bonds). In Germany a Key Investor Information Document is prescribed (KIID) for a short time. Additionally, there are annual business reports describing the precise composition of the Fund at any given time. Just search for a fund at www fondsweb de and display. Then there is on the right links to the annual reports and the KIID.

Stock investing in nothing at all. Shares are shares in a company.

Funds may invest in something. And where they invest, you should visit the website of the issuer


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