Where can I find advice about their lives?

Hello, I am currently in a difficult phase, which makes me really create. My problem is that I can turn to anyone, if I want to seek advice. My grandparents are long dead, and my parents just are not the right ones for several reasons.

Sometimes I need someone I can really ask for advice when it comes to all kinds of things, but I do not like .. you have an idea?

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Caritas and Diakonie are almost represented in every major city. There are offers for social and life counseling. Just walk past and give an appointment. Maybe they can help you there immediately, but know their stuff and then know to which bodies they are required to give up the spot so you can get the advice that you need.

There are so-called crisis services. Because you can go, especially in the evenings, when otherwise no possibilities except psychiatry ... But one must not even necessarily be hopelessly desperate, although the term "crisis" the conclusion suggests ...

Otherwise, you can almost always turn to other people. Most of the people are just so yes in churches or associations go ... Because they find there contact.


there is a forum where you can find exchange about your concerns and also chat'll .: www, psychologieforum.de


There you can call me for free. Also chat or mail contact is possible.

Do not you know in what forum you are? HERE can ask.

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