Where can I find good to apply for part-time jobs or get any?

Hey guys, I have grown old recently 16 years and am just so thinking on whether I do not try it with a part-time job, some money may harm never: D Did you perhaps good ideas? Or ideas how we can perhaps apply for your baby-sit, and where? Or in general any summer jobs undundund: D Thanks if someone answers.

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Promotion and Hostess activities are something that always goes. Is also everywhere agencies for (most do not have you also towards the idea that keep coming back in the respective cities because the Germany-wide search) to take you then on in your file and send you offers and if you match the dates you accept , Otherwise summer camp care is always good. Tutoring and babysitting is often difficult if you do not know anyone personally of someone searches.

Monetizing 16

Warenauffüller in discount stores and shoe stores.

Operating in a restaurant or a (ice) Café. For this you need a health certificate. 16-year-old allowed to work until 22:00.

Note .: 6-7 € / hour. are common to the age.

The Bundestag voted on Thursday by a large majority a minimum wage of 8.50 euros per hour, to be adapted by 2016 by a Commission every two years. For industries such as newspaper delivery staff and seasonal workers the minimum wage provides for transitional periods to 2017th (...) Young people under 18 are excluded from the scheme.

Source: stern.de 07/03/2014

JugArbSchG § 14 - sleep http://www.gesetze-im-internet.de/jarbschg/__14.html

Read ads, call and go and ask.

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