Where can I find the latest version of Minecraft download for free and legally?

Dear Community,

I want to download my latest version of Minecraft, but I do not wo.Vielleicht you know by where you can download the latest version of Minecraft? The important thing is that they ist.Bekomme free and legally otherwise huge anger of my Eltern.Wenn knows her page that meets all my criteria, please send me an answer to the question.

Greeting N1000

The best answer

There are numerous free downloads of Minecraft. However, all of these are illegal because Minecraft as we know is not free. Top 20 € are certainly well spent. However, Notch (Markus Persson, former CEO of Mojang) once said that he does not care if people use crack, as most would buy anyway, sooner or later the game (Source: Twitter). However Mojang is now part of Microsoft, and I think that the crack rather not admit. De facto: buy game.

Have fun and best regards, StayInLife.

I find your attitude very wrong. There are people who are day by day behind the project Minecraft - stuck there their lifeblood in and develop the game further and further, so that we have our fun - these people need to live on something, so it's only logical that they need for their work require a small fee.
Why you want to take you out the right to want to get something for free that others pay and is designed with many costs.
If everyone would think just like you and hardly anyone supports the developer, the games industry the stream goes down.

You can watch the DEMO version of MC on the official site of MC download free full version MUST be purchased there is no other legal way

Download to minecraft.net Only an account yet need.

Apart from the fact that you probably are 10: Nothing in this world is free. Even a kick up the backside has to be earned. Are 20 euros too much to ask for a great game that is still under development? In addition, you can not play on normal servers with illegal pirated.

There is no side which is free and legally. There is only free and illegal or 20 € and Legal.

It does not work

Minecraft there are not free and legally!

Free: You load a cracked version (think of the trouble with the parents, this is absolutely true!)

Legal: buy Minecraft


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