where can I find the perfect dog for me?

Hi, my family and I want to get us in july a puppy. It should be a short-haired, medium size, sweet, child-friendly and family dog. We then want to look at animal shelter Berlin but I've heard it since not many puppies And my question is where you can still buy good dogs or can look after dogs

Thanks for all the answers :)

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I'm going naively assume that the will be informed of puppy your parents with the theme Dog Pose / education, in particular.

What must be considered in a puppy, was already told in detail to you. And also that it is not gibt.ht. the "perfect" dog

If you can not find a matching dog in the surrounding shelters, you could also look abroad animal welfare (eg here: http://zergportal.de/ )

Many dogs, including puppies, waiting in foster care at her home.

If You should stick for a dog directly from abroad, respects absolutely sure whether the person / Orga is reputable! Unfortunately, there are many black sheep.

There is no perfect dog - and it does not give the perfect man.

Sweet is a matter of taste - I find sure what else sweet than you.

Children and Famlienfreundlich are basically all - because that in turn comes to you on - on the socialization, embossing, education, environment.

Are you you have a puppy realize what it means? The housebreaking, socialization, education etc. And ds first half year can not stay alone a dog. With at least 6 months you can then start practicing it - slow times 5min, then times 10min. can Until a dog stay 4-5 hours alone really, he is safe 1 year old. That must be clear to you.

Puppies are almost always sweet. Only what comes of it? Should there be a mix, it can later be such that he does not like you. But now let's be honest - is Suss important? We are talking about a subject, because this is very important.

Just call in animal shelters and asks for puppies. Berlin has not only a shelter and otherwise you must stop driving ne route. Your you decide for 10-15 years for a dog because you can also take a longer route into account.

Of course you can also buy private dog - via eg Internet etc. But that I would not recommend. Because unfortunately there are many scammers. The tell what from their own throw and sell you a sick puppy that comes from a mass culture. The puppies are reportedly 8 or 10 weeks old, yet they are just 4-5 weeks old. These dogs usually have mental and physical problems later. Often they are also extremely ill. As you all can not see when they are young, it is easy to sell. So steer clear of any advertisements.

Otherwise, just ask the vet. The know whether and would just have a pregnant dog.

It should be a short-haired, medium size, sweet, child-friendly and family dog.

"Sweet" is relative, each like a race and family friendly, the animals with their competent education and access to family. Which breeds are well suited in character, you can read all the information about dogs. Because you want a puppy you must always think strongly about a puppy group dog school and their own education in things dog.

We then want to look at animal shelter Berlin but I've heard it since not many puppies

On the edge, why necessarily a puppy? Especially for beginners an adult dog who has enjoyed a good education would be quite appropriate. The obligation still to deepen his knowledge, but one has only once not to raise the object from the bottom up the dog.

And my question is where you can still buy good dogs

Dogs can be taken out animal shelters or similar facilities or directly from a registered breeder in association. NEVER from any markets abroad, dubious dealers on the Internet, the sell off their puppies and best even by normal private providers. These are propagators and make the case of dogs from abroad also Hundequäler this professionally and abusing dogs as catapults.

A good breeder is in the association, the mother and the environment of the puppies can show the buyer strives to inform, checks whether the seller is suitable to take care of the puppies etc. who pushes a simple so the animal in the finger is either a black sheep or is everything but a breeder.

it is up to you how the dog be integrated into your rudel. ye with puppy rearing or since their newly care enough experience in the pet rearing and. the latter is the case, I would recommend you not dog.

otherwise you take time and talk to dog trainers, who often know where are get puppies and especially how she trains.

there are in your near determines more than one animal shelter, where a puppy but enough or ...

Sweet is in the eye of the beholder, Kinderlieb is educational and experience thing. Medium in size, there are many breeds.

What are your plans with the dog? How long the dog has to be alone? Do you have experience?

Many dog ​​schools offer counseling appointments.

Cute dogs you buy in the supermarket!

Child-friendly is a dog when the "family" very busy with the dog, turns him tidy and reasonable and also the dog also can not simply his dog.

However, I did not hear it because many puppies are

... If you want to know the inquires oneself and for all it takes is a phone call ...

Hopefully you are you aware that a puppy in the first half year can not be left alone about it ...

Before you ever thinks of receiving a lively dog ​​to you in the family, you should times plenty of books about dog breeding and dog training ... Read

And if you ever so say what and how the dog has to be all - you also ever thought about it, what you have to offer the dog so?

YOU are surely also of !! literate therefore allow me a question for YOU - you have all the questions to ask that you found when posting your question by other usern also reads and respond to ?? there you have enough to answer a uf your question already get. My contribution to your question wäre--

1) are your parents of a parent all day at home, for a PUP can be in the first year NOT lasssen alone, up to half a year not even 10 minutes and then you have to train 1/2 year long, so that it ultimately to 3 -4 hours comes. but there are also dogs that can never be left alone.?

2) how much time you have to devote yourselves to the dog as much as you can for hours a day with him to go out?

3) what is your from urlaubsplanugn? - The dog should be taken, because it belongs to the family since coming flights no longer in question.

4) are controlled ye aware that a dog in the month approx depending on the size of the 100-150 € per month charged budgetary fund (liability, ongoing vet boxes, reserves for possible accumulating greater veterinarian sums, grain-free, good dog food)? this is still the dog school and possibly agility courses, etc.

5) a smaller dog can be up to 18 years old, then you live when you're child grants, no longer at the family

6) How many books have you all dogs give together already on dog education and dog read beings? .. Because that should make her a totally inexperienced beginner necessarily before.

Na the dessert most dogs that are absolutely easy and you get a puppy and are never greater than when it stiff. These are the stuffed animals with the button in the ear

Hello laurasohiexD! :-)

Are you the perfect holder? Why should it be a puppy? All it is regarded with love nice :-), can therefore also be sweet ...


How do you like Harvey? Of course, no dog has such abilities, but I guess the point of this video ;-)

Consider again.

It greets you


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