where can I get a dog ago BOXER

Tach people, I have want to buy me a dog so midsize NEN. However, I do not know where I get a forth. I had been thinking a boxer to take it where I can get the well-bred ago.

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I can only advise you first usw.umzuschauen in shelters! If there is nothing suitable, you should go to a reputable breeder .Please take good care at the breeder selection, because if you to a multiplier come which is very bad for you and the dog .But just when Boxer pass it to the parents' snouts long "have and have no other health problems!

I myself am Boxer owner and also have first looked me in the shelter around, there also found someone but unfortunately it turned out that it can not with cats: / So we searched for einenm breeders and also found a suitable reputable breeder and now we have our 9months old boxer bitch! A Great dog!


Shelter I would suggest you because you sound for a beginner. Seems to me like you have a little catching up to do when it comes to dogs.

Do not you have enough time for a dog? You should it no longer than 4-5 hours let alone, move it at least 2 hours a day and Keep the fun. Anything else would be inappropriate for the species. Hope you are aware of that and have read up about it.

I just say once that you're pretty teen still ... experience with Yorkshire terriers have you, but if your parents want you to buy a boxer, then heard there but a little more than just: as a dog I would like to have ...

First of all, it would be advisable if you read a lot about the Boxer ...

And if your parents then my wanting to buy such a dog, then you can watch just as well inquire at ordinary breeders of race as "Boxer-in-distress" or times at various shelters call and ask ...

animal shelter is for you and the animals the safest =) where they are checked in advance for everything =) google: shelter [your city]

Shelter and go well with him! Buy yourself the best a puppy as it sounds your question you are dog owners ...

From the shelter. Everything else is simply anti-social.


are you seriously if you want to adopt a dog, responsible, have enough time and money, then look nevertheless times past at the shelter.

An animal lover does not look after, whether an animal is purebred, he looks into his eyes and decides in his heart ........

You can use the?

Then it would be happy ..........

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