Where can I help with lighting technology skills?

Hi folks, I am 14 and would love to work in this summer holiday lighting technology. I'll do it very passionate and have now done for three years at the school this job. I can the following: => Light engineering construction => Sound engineering construction => Adjust / Configure sound and light technology => Keep security measures / know these = find / avoid> Test and Error Now my question: How can I volunteer at events in the community help or events? A reward may not necessarily be in it, but a small enough also. I love that simply making something. I have controlled for many theater performances / shows at school with the lighting console, the headlight / LEDs. Mir is very boring in this holiday ... Thanks if you can help me :).

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we do not even know what your gemiende is. I know but honestly not even know where you can do something like in my community.

ll ask for a technician in event euerer region for a holiday job ... but do not get to see the illsuion, that lets you directly to the technology. you'll probably with drag and other hiwiarbeiten must begin.

lg, Anna

Go 'Just have to such events to where you would like to do something. And then you look out the PA, on the headlights, etc., what names or logos of lender companies are on it since.

Most of those who make somewhere public performances, even do not own equipment, but also rent the always spot of different rental companies in the area. And their names / logos you will meet with you then on the equipment.

Well, then fire up Google times, looking for company names, and just call and ask times. Either there is an immediate "no", or they will ask you if you'll come to a time "interview" over.

Written applications o. Ä. I would spare myself in this business. Since most running "on call".

Security measures xD haha

What are the safety measures?
Work now long in the school's AG for event technology. Volunteering can you do if you ask quite fond times somewhere, but officially you can not.

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