Where can I still get Rock am Ring tickets?

Hello I'm still looking urgently 2-3 tickets for Rock am Ring. White one of you, where you can reasonably priced gets more cards? Apart from ebay and fansale

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I would in your place just try the tickets on eBay to get. Even eBay - Classifieds is a good shop for such things. There are always people buy too many tickets, or do you have an appointment and therefore can not be an event, which means that they are selling their tickets again.

So it you're really late, I've already bought my in last nJahr and if you find it cheaper want you can forget that there would be quite a stupid half weeks before the festival, the tickets to sell cheap. With luck you get one, but two or three ... you do as dear no hope because you have to reach into his pocket. With ebay you should anyway be careful because a lot of fakes in circulation. sold Eventim guarantees the genuine tickets (were Education Controlling), but even there catch the cheapest at 200 euros.

So it you're really too late, tickets can be ordered as early as possible.

at Quoka there are sometimes tickets

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