Where can I watch animes legally?

Hey, you can perhaps tell me where I with a good quality, animes legally with German or English subtitles peep can? :) Thanks in advance: D

The best answer

Proxer.me is really nice. It can be downloaded as app or simply go to the site. It stores the starting follow where you are and you can also see all your completed animes. In addition, you can also read manga and much more there.

Just about everywhere my favorite is Proxer.me. They also nh app! Very convenient, but not to any anime available in Ger Sub

Legal is dailymotion definitely, youtube, Crunchyroll, clipfish, my video Whether legally hmm ... am net 100% proxer sure burning series

myvideo clipfish Crunchyroll anime on demand vimeo (peppermint anime)

Look here for -> bs.to

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