Where can you buy a dog like that?

Do you think such a dog's at the shelter?

Or do you experience where you can buy such dogs?

The best answer

This is a Pomeranian, also called Pomeranian, which is cut like a toy. No, the shelter you will not find, but certainly from a breeder. On www.deutsche-spitze.de you find a puppy list and breeders by postcode order. On the club side you will only pictures of (almost) uncut tips found and also a lot of information about the character and its properties. The top German family is large and there are they from the dwarf up to the wholesale and Wolfspitz and in many colors. Even the smallest member, the Pomeranian, has the same features as its big brothers and requires a consistent education. Since infected dog hell of a lot in such a small guy.

From backyard farms and dubious offers, you should stay away, if you really möchtst a dog such and only buy from a reputable breeder, which is connected to a federation (VDH here in Germany). Costs are also much higher at least 1000 Euro, depending on the color! Cheap deals are made most often as a mixed race out, the sick and actually getting bigger by far than angepriesener Pomeranian.

A picture may rekindle the love of a dog breed, but be sure to check carefully and do not forget that 15 years or more one binds - Toy Spitz and also imperceptibly larger small peak are often very old, when grown conscientiously.

where you can buy such dogs?

the shelter are rarely found. When breeders cost to the 1200-1500 EUR!

also trimmed coiffed this dog. Normal see the different. Just because a dog looks cute, no one buys! Any dog ​​ownership requires responsibility, care, time and money!

Purchase you only times books on animal dog attitude, then you get an idea of ​​what dog ownership demands everything and learn it well, whether you are suitable as a holder of a dog!

This dog is a Pomerian / Pomeranian. Normal view but not so, but he was so sheared and that is not good for the skin. If you would like a DOG, go to the shelter and get a dog there, since there are enough cute dogs. If you want to buy you a BOO plush dog.


not an easy race, nix for beginners

So races you'll find on a lot of money at the breeder. And just as he did not look like the who's just doctored!

Shiba inu But this race looks like a wchter hubd not look like the poor on the picture ...

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