Where can you make free dog sponsorship?

Hello dear a friend of mine wants love to have a dog. In her apartment she can not have a dog. They work in a sheltered workshop so they do not have even so much money they can make a sponsorship money.

She wants to take care of a particular dog, go with the Gassi feed the dog and clean up. The nearest shelter is too far away to every day down there. Now my question. Offer breeder so in style as well for the little money?

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which is very laudable and very easy to solve.

Each shelter is desperately seeking people who "sacrifice" their time to walk the shelter dogs, so that they come out.

That would be a good solution for your girlfriend with security. She indeed is already working, she has certainly the prescribed age.

Good succeed


No, dog breeders offer something not to. Since you have to look you in the neighborhood, if there is a dog, must familiarize yourself with your girlfriend. Good luck!

some or even many animal shelters work with foster homes zusammen-- question but with your animal shelter even if a near your girlfriend is there they could possibly then bring with when walking Gassie. otherwise can only advertise s ie, (notice board at the supermarket, newspaper) that they would like to take care of itself At some times to a dog.

No, never needs a dog breeder called Gassi-goers ... dog breeders have as little as possible foreign people with their dogs have direct dealings ... (especially if just is a litter of puppies)

Why your girlfriend for not applying for as Gassi-Gängerin at an animal shelter? (Majority required)

Many cute dog muzzles are grateful for any extra Gassi round and walkies-goers also pay nothing for's Dog Run ...

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