Where did you buy your dog?

We would like to buy us a dog. What do you think of a dog from abroad?

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The puppies from abroad are often not adequately vaccinated or already sick and so-called multiplier.

I then purchased directly from a breeder my dog. There I could while he was still suckled visit anytime and there he had a family connection. At the age of 12 weeks, I was able to take him home and then was the breeder of questions always at your disposal.

Nowadays, there are also many puppies (if it should be a puppy) in the shelter and also Purebred.

Once at the shelter, three times at animal welfare organizations who work with private foster homes.

In dogs of foster homes, it was found by chance two times that they were "foreign dogs" (Turkey and Belgium).

The shelter dog and one of the three foster homes dogs came from Germany, an even purebred (from VDH).

The racial purity was as well as the foreign origin coincidence we each simply wanted only to dogs who were well cared for in our life circumstances / are.

Please never directly "import" foreign dogs!

look closely With Animal Welfare Orga, it cavort numerous black sheep abroad animal welfare!

Nothing at all. Supporting please do the unspeakable animal suffering. Will buy a dog from a reputable breeder. Reputable rearing costs something. Those who can not easily afford, should buy a dog. Dogs are expensive problem dogs from abroad still rather. Street dogs are embossed on the life on the street. Refamiliarization for apartment dog seldom succeeds. Trouble with the neighbors is inevitable. Honestly I can not hear hardly a dog misbehaves, one is told that he holds from the shelter of I do not know where is. If you want to help dogs abroad supportive castration projects. Some veterinarians with us going regularly to this issue to the public. They are tired, lull entrained animals because of "animal rescuer" then just no money for expensive treatments has.

In principle, I have nothing against foreign dogs, but if then this should already be in Germany at the shelter.

Our dog comes from Greece, we have but of a German animal shelter.

Here you have the advantage, that as you can get to know the animal before and that one should necessarily do before users simply blindly a dog buys the later does not fit into one. The chemistry must fit, not seen on photos.

Dogs from abroad are often difficult because they often have abuse or tough times, and thereby can not properly adjust to their new surroundings. I'd look in your place times at the shelter since are always dogs that are looking for a home and also the perfect family dog ​​can be found with a bit of luck and time. Unless you to find you can easily contact a breeder so still. Good luck! ^^

What do you think of a dog from abroad?

in inland are to get enough dogs. Why then look into the distance ?!

first you should you look around the shelter, there are very many beautiful dogs, often breed dog looking for a nice home.

Otherwise, focus on a particular race, can be your justice and that suits you and then look for reputable breeders.

this you must be aware that breed dogs from reputable breeding cost 1000-1500 EUR. Often breed puppies are also offered very cheap, but these deals are usually not serious and the puppies very sick!

My dog ​​came from the owners, who had puppies. My dog ​​was born with me.

I think of animals from abroad not much of it does not solve the problem there but moved it only. Except I fork on even a holiday.

Vorallen I would never bring me a dog that I have not met personally.

Depends .... Dogs beginners I usually strongly advise from off these animals are often a large construction site relates what education and behavior that one should know and have corresponding experience and knowledge if you will take an animal, animal love enough because not. Of course there are exceptions but they are rare.

3 In my previous dogs I have deliberately brought Breeder at VDH and have since even long distances to me taken. 2 dogs came as a foster dog and stayed 1x Hungarian 1x from France, 3 Dogs I at the shelter adopted 2x in France 1x Mix 1x purebred with papers and 1x in Germany ... 1 dog I in France picked up at the rest stop and the stayed constant.

Dogs newcomers I advise to look around the surrounding shelters by an adult and reasonably behaved dog to make with this your first steps as a dog owner.

When breeders. All 4 previously.

As our animal shelters are full genuzg I see no reason a dog ausa abroad are increasing. on the one hand, it does not change the situation on the ground. secondly the question is what I expect from dog wichtigh. Because depending vieviele generations Street Freedom wqerden delivered because the harder ews is the dog as "works" the way you want.

I got my dog ​​from my aunt, she breeds Chihuahuas. My grandmother and mother also still & Prager Rattler, as well as Turkish Van cats :-) Otherwise shelter! There are as many great dogs, and old dogs would be happy still happy about a nice home for her a few years!

Our dogs we buy the selected breeders. I have also specifically bought a dog from southern France and one from Switzerland; I wanted there necessarily have dogs of a particular mating ...

Our Dachshund be used for hunting, all come from the same breeder; currently go two dachshunds from the welfare of us, one from Hungary, one from Poland ...

Otherwise live with us again and again dogs from the animal shelter.

Targeted bring dogs from other countries here to Germany would not come to mind - because the German animal shelters are full !!! (And in German animal shelters become quite Dogs from abroad mediated)

Our comes from the breeder. The breeder although I have often regretted our dog for a second.

All a matter of opinion! Always remember that an animal you ever need!

you BUY a dog - you take it in his family and this should look at the new Familienmitlgied surely only times precisely as its essence is, if it fits to the family in its art, in its claims, or? DAs but does not when you look at a dog abroad chooses the internet, and then come can -What if the spark nicth überspringt-- to animal or from animal to man ?? That would be fatal.

So please go into your native shelter and looks there for a new family member --dort there are also animals that come from abroad and are relayed here

What such an animal will cost you additionally you know? There are about 100-150 € per month -

That must have their time so that their r is the Tie nicth can leave it alone, you know well.? Suffice it not a week or two to get used to a new family member. For this you should have a few more months.

Puppies can not at all be the first year alone. An adult animal, wasman aht used to it may, amtag never longer than 3-4 hours to be left alone - the animals develop otherwise leaving fears.

Take the best a dog from a shelter

The little I have of an organization Denia Dogs. The fetch dogs from the Costa Blanca and bring them in foster families to Germany, I've picked up since.

The bitch before I made our shelter had, she was taken from a killing station of Lazarote to Germany.

I have no second regretted girl dog from abroad, I would do it again and again.

At the shelter

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