Where does the term "dog tag"?

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Where does the term "dog tags" at the dog tags of the soldiers? Is it true that we the wrong god worshiping Christians were "infidel" this Islam? Allegedly were then their taxpayers a written receipt if they had paid the tax. Christians on the other hand had to hang around the neck of the receipt in the metal mold.

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That's news to me that calling these dog tags in German as dog tags. What is your source?

The term is much older than the modern conflicts with the Orient.

Oh man, otherwise you doing fine. A dog gets a sheet mark, on which one can recognize that his duty has been paid. A horse gets ne plaque on the bridle.

And soldiers have dogtag, so that they can identify even if a strike has broken it.

And precisely because the dogs were identified by means of so what .. you say that also made for the soldiers .. now Dogtag / dog tag.

Dogs also have brands of metal around his neck. Thus, the term is - quite banal.

Simply because the control brand of dog and the dog tags of the soldiers look so similar. Sooo simple.


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