Where God lives supposedly?

Where is described in the Bible where God lives? I personally do not believe in God (agnostics), but wanted to know where Christians suspect in. Was that one probably. between heaven and earth (ie atmosphere)? Helps me. For a theory Thx

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God lives in any place; He / she is a special power / energy which is everywhere, the quasi dormant in us, to which we do not get so easily access. It is the "divine spark" in us.

Through an event that Jesus called "second birth", "Born of the Spirit" and John the Baptist called "baptism of the Spirit" has, we get contact with that Power. They transformed our consciousness.

It behaves similarly to when we connect an electrical device with the compound, ie cable and plug it in plugging and thus the electric power grid; only then it can do what it is intended.

Before that, there is also already a nice device and completely finished, but only the electric current can make it work, make "alive", to fulfill its purpose, can live his destiny.

The highest of the three main areas is Sat Desh, the only region without any admixture, the area completely pure spirit, of truth and definitive reality. This region is death, dissolution, change and imperfection unknown. That is the great center around which revolve all other worlds, the metropolis of the whole creation, the seat of the Supreme Lord and Creator. It is impossible to make the people understand. From the center of light, life and power flows of the great Creator stream Shabd or the Word. This WORD creates, dominated and receives all other regions. Surat (soul) and Shabd are both from the spirit of the Lord. God is both Shabd and Surat. Both are God in Action; It projects itself in everything and delight in this game. He is both the worshipers and the Venerable.
Gurmat Siddhant

It's the same principle as ghosts. It is immaterial, standing above all. God's creation, the existence per se. The difference with spirits is that they have in my opinion no reasonable justification and everything else are as essential for our world.

Where is described in the Bible where God lives?

Revelation 21,2f "2 I saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven; she was prepared as a bride adorned for her husband 3 I heard a loud voice from the throne. call forth: Behold, God's dwelling among men he will dwell with them, and they will be his people and God himself will be with them "!.

The first verse cited indicates where Christians suspect God, even in heaven, thus the spiritual sky is meant and not the atmosphere or space (in English the distinction is easier because there is Heaven's speech, but not of Sky), and where he will be, when the Millennium, so the 1000 year reign of Christ, which begins its for all the obvious recurrence (see. revelation 1.7), is over.

Was that one probably. between heaven and earth (ie atmosphere)?

This is only an assumption which is based on the unfortunate unification of the physical and the spiritual heaven. As I wrote, it's there in the English language better, with the distinction between Heaven (spiritual sky) and Sky (physical sky, atmosphere and possibly the universe).

Christian Children believe that God dwells in heaven, and Christian theologians believe in the majority, that God is omnipresent, so any time is everywhere, and since he has no body of pure matter, he can never "live". Adult Christians who are not theologians, pray "Our Father" and yet think that God can be everywhere well and everything looks everywhere.

I do not believe in the existence of a god, no matter what religion.

but the pious have it respond to the most amazing: D but believe can not have the children imaginary friends;)

everywhere and nowhere

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