Where is the logic to increase the amount in case of default?

Hello, I have a question: Where is the logic, if you have debt that the amount of money per reminder and interest per surcharge are always more? If you can not pay an amount, why should we then can pay an even higher amount? Which statement is legally? I can not understand this.

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I understand this correctly: As someone borrows to certain conditions money, does not adhere to this and the creditor has to wait for solvency or willingness to pay is available?

Who does not adhere to agreements must be consequences expected (these are known as a rule). What logic lies behind it because, to borrow money, if uncertain, you can execute the related services (repayment, interest)?

Simply because charges are made and of course, causes the costs, these must also be paid.

The debtor caused the cost but only because he pays just nciht. Dignity of the creditor (before the overdue fines apply) write, "I do not ask have at the moment the money, I would like to pay in four equal installments of EUR ...." then some interest would be calculated at best, but probably nothing ,

If that is not done, then the wheel starts to turn.

Because every reminder / reminder to the creditor is an expense. Larger firms employ extra for the dunning entire departments. Do you think these people want to work for free ?? Just Buy only what you can pay and you'll never have to pay late fees ....

This has nothing to do with logic, but rather what to do with intimidation and pressure. The "creditors (?)" Want to stop the debtor to a better payment record, will overlook this, however, that one usually reaches the opposite if the debtor is financially anyway very clammy!

Many numbers not because they have the money but because they forget it or spend it on something else. That is a kind of punishment to increase the amount.

§280 conjunction §§286 ff. BGB

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