Where is this airport or runway?


does anybody belongs to which airport this runway?

Many thanks for your help!

The best answer

That seems to be the Kahului Airport on the Hawaiian island of Maui. Maui Airport in Kahului (IATA code: OGG; ICAO Phog).

Just search on Google Earth to Kahului and compare Airport there with the photo.


next to the picture (which is now there - looks pretty artificially made for me) would be of course some more info helpful, eventually there are almost every picture a - albeit brief - description.

Where charged, which stood by, perhaps, the continent, the state? have manipulated time everything you wanted to the image, asked found here.

The fact that the image of an airport just so there is no more data in the network, is strange. At least the coordinates but fas always indicated just displays them.

Angel Hausen on cloud nine ..... Without image not to say .....

In nirvana ....

No picture because

Here is the picture :)

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