Where it is better to buy a dog?

Is it better a dog at the breeder to buy at the shelter or in an animal protection station in Spain? The old is aged one year too much but it should no longer Puppy therefore be what is better?

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You should repays on a budget - if a chihuahua beidpielsweise costs only 300 euros, you can assume that he may be ill or is not purebred. I have my dog ​​from a breeder!

Personally, I would pick an animal from abroad extracting ago, because it's mE always important to be able to see and watch the animal before, whether one really fits together. You can see that usually after an hour if the chemistry fits at least to some extent.

So a blind purchase can backfire go and the animal then is back at the shelter.

A reputable breeder would be an option, but I think that there are enough animals in Germany who are looking for a home, as that would ever be bred. But that's just my opinion.

Private I would not necessarily buy a dog, as many hobbyists are who just want to make a quick buck.

Importantly, the puppy should not be purchased for a spot price, since you can go directly from the fact that he was bred in agony in a backyard and not have a good start had much less really is healthy. Something you should support under any circumstances.

My clear favorite: the shelter!

I shall determine for me if I have a second hand dog wants, then I'll get one from Germany.

Animals from abroad zukarren brings over nothing and for me is an animal welfare.

Also, I do not want a dog from the catalog, I want to see the dog, touch and learn kenneb and not rely on a description from the Internet

yes go to the shelter - here you looking out of your dog and he you - then please gehste in a dog school you both can here treat each other - so machs times good and much Spas with the new four-legged friends

I would pick up the dog at the shelter. So you can do something good and offer an exposed animal a home

I can only recommend a dog from an animal protection center in Spain to purchase.

The animals there have really often traumatic Experience and often have a crack it.

really make So what if you only have enough experience with dogs and really brings a lot of time and patience.

Breeder ruled out if it is to be a puppy. Turn you to the local animal shelter and let advise you, in the absence of dogs experience, I would advise against an animal that you can not get to know on the spot so no dog from Spain or if then only one is on a foster home already in Germany and the one there also visitors.

My first choice is always the local animal shelter.

If you want to buy a dog, you save still want a :) I saved a dog from Hungary .. The stories of the animals are terrible, but you'd save dog's life! :)

If I want to buy a certain breed dog, then I try this dog to get in Germany - and of course, from a decent dog breeders ... (However, I have already picked up a dog from southern France to me and another from Switzerland. that's just been so because I wanted to have a dog of a particular pairing of the parents)

We constantly go dog from the animal welfare and to be taught in a new home and others remain the same for us for life from ... Some ...

I think: it must not be all kinds of animals "rescued" from abroad - because that is also a lot of fast and loose is driven ... and dogs are often "produced" in order to earn in Germany with the compassion number money ...

In German animal shelters there are dogs from abroad looking for a new home ... - So why seek far afield ...?

From the shelter, clearly :)

Animal shelter. And who can afford it, in animal protection station Spain oa

Breeders or private. At the shelter, most animals are totally distraught.

At least in Germany

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